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Who We Are

SHINE West Bowling

Shine Words is an initiative of SHINE – a community organisation working out of St Stephen’s Church in the heart of West Bowling, Bradford.

SHINE stands for Social, Health, Inner, Natural and Economic wellbeing. We believe that people need to thrive in all these areas for a fulfilled life.


The goal of SHINE is to create a vibrant community hub in West Bowling that reaches the socially excluded, brings the community together, and delivers a wide range of life-enhancing services and opportunities to people of all ages, faiths and ethnicities. It seeks to create a new story for West Bowling, a story that binds people together and helps restore our community in body, soul and spirit.

Our activities and projects have been growing for more than half a decade, and now we are helping over 200 men, women and children every single week.

Hattie Clark

Hattie Clark is an amazingly talented Bradford-based illustrator. We chose to work with Hattie not just to support local talent but because her illustrations communicate in a fun and exciting way.

Hattie has produced cover art for All These Nice People Magazine, Bath Spa University Prospectus and illustrating for George's Magazine and Circus Magazine, as well as producing her own range of clothing, prints, cards, ceramics and stationery.

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